Tomás y Chini

Tomás y Chini
Tomás y Chini

martes, 31 de diciembre de 2013


HADA EZEQUIEL era la gatita de mi hija Ximena, y la heroína e inspiración del libro SEKI EN EL PLANETA TIERRA. Nos dejo el día 21 de Diciembre pero siempre esta en nuestros corazones.

Las siguientes son las palabras que escribió Ximena en honor a ella,

De Ximena Delgado

Hada Exequiel
1998 - Dec. 21, 2013

Today my little fairy-angel kitty crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She had been struggling with different health issues for a few years now, her strength and determination a real lesson to me. As well as an inspiration for a super hero illustration
 book character my sister created: "Seki en el Planeta Tierra". 

I didn't get to see her physically one more time, but I'm OK with that, her time to go was whenever she wanted and was ready, I made sure she knew that. Of course I would have loved to have had her on my lap one more time, her loving eyes looking up at me... I have many cherished memories. The fact that she passed on the Winter Solstice is of significance, and the feeling of a circle being completed just can't be denied. 

I could feel her Spirit expanding, incredible. And her innocence and wonder at feeling it expand was a joy to accompany. She was opening to the new possibilities in front of her, her spirit guides sending invitations to go explore the Spiritual world. Go off and enjoy, little one. Or "big one" I should more rightfully say, as she was a little cat, but is a HUGE spirit. I know you'll be with us, part of my animal family in Spirit, my guides and helpers. I look forward to learning of your adventures and lessons through your innocent, full of wonder, and determined Being. Shine your Light on!

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